Bottle Stoppers Lemon & Chilli, set of 2


Shipped by Sandralexandra

Limited Edition!

Brighten up your dinners and drinks with Sandralexandra's Set of 2 Bottle Stoppers. Made from colourful glass and shaped with a glass motif that highlights the timeless, fun and colourful aesthetic of Sandralexandra, these bottle stoppers are a unique and refreshing addition to your entertaining repertoire. The glass motif is hand blown by artisans; each piece is unique and will vary. Handle with care. 

Handblown glass motif + metal stopper.  Lemon: 4.5" Tall ; Chilli 5.25" Tall.

Price for the set of 2 Bottle Stoppers; one chilli bottle stopper and one lemon bottle stopper.

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