Clare Waight Keller

Renowned for her flawless contemporary creations, Clare Waight Keller has designed for fashion’s finest, from Chloé to Givenchy. Now, as she unveils her chic new collaboration with UNIQLO, we asked the style star to name a few of her favourite things…

The One Book

There is an amazing Japanese author, Jun'ichirō Tanizaki, whose 1930s book, In Praise of Shadows, is brilliant. I read it over lockdown and I’ve been dipping back into it ever since. It’s about the time when Japan switched from candlelight to electricity. He talks about how all the interpretations of their rooms, their clothes and their environment changed when electrical light came in and why shadows are so important to East Asian culture because they create beauty. It’s a really interesting essay on observation and on the nuances and subtleties in our environments that we’ve lost touch with.

The One Painting

There are a few that got away! But I own one piece by Nicolas Party and at the time I bought it there were two portraits on the gallery wall. I only bought one and I wish I’d bought its friend, too.

The One Film

It’s a toss-up between Dune, because it’s a beautiful movie, and Parasite, which was just genius!

The One Song

It’s always changing, but right now, Spirit 2.0 by Sampha.

The One Place You’ll Always Go Back To

Palm Springs. I have been going there for 20 years and I absolutely love the architecture, the Mid-Century style of the place, and its desert walks.

The One Hotel

Somewhere I visited recently that I loved was the Hotel Chelsea in New York. I stayed on a floor where there were still some of the original apartments with their incredible doorways.

The One Thing You Can’t Live Without

My phone! It’s actually my office now because I do re-sees on it. It’s how I access everything I do in my working life, so if it disappeared I’d feel very abandoned.

Image: The Hotel Chelsea
Image: The Hotel Chelsea

The One Thing On Your Bedside Table

Books, but I try to not too keep much on my beside table. I never keep electronics in the bedroom – those always stay downstairs. Nextdoor to my beside table is my dog – and that’s the most important thing of all!

The One Beauty Product

I am fairly dedicated in my skincare routine and am a long-time fan of Skinceuticals, especially their serums, which I’ve been consistently addicted to.

The One Piece Of Advice

Always be yourself!