Handwoven blue and white belt


Shipped by Pippa Holt

Handwoven blue and white belt. 

Wide: 10cm.
Long: 188cm (Plus Fringe). 
Former British Vogue Stylist Pippa Holt has collaborated with a community of weavers in Mexico to create a line of beautifully handwoven belts to pair with your favourite kaftan.

Originating in a town called Santo Tomás Jalieza, known as the ‘belt town’, this group has been making belts for many years in techniques passed down from their ancestors.

The colourful pieces are handwoven in cotton on a backstrap loom. Master weaver, Abigail, weaves the finest and most intricate of patterns on small looms on her well lit patio. This is a pre-Hispanic technique that continues to be used without major changes over the centuries. 

The belts feature depictions of sacred animals, geometry, feather dancers and the animals and plants they see in their daily life, which is interwoven with fine cotton in vibrant details. 

Each belt comes in a handmade clutch bag made from palms.

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