Expedition tea - 21 teabags


Shipped by Dr Jackson's Skincare
Award-winning wellbeing tea

Stay motivated and hydrated without the caffeine, with a cup of our unique herbal tea blend, the perfect alternative to coffee or black tea. Natural ingredients baobab, rooibos and honeybush work together to maintain balance and stamina throughout the day, without disturbing your sleep patterns. Simply wake up, enjoy a cup and go!

Powered by plants

Designed to be enjoyed in the morning or at any time of day, our caffeine-free Expedition Tea is packed with certified organic ingredients high in antioxidants and minerals.

Baobab fruit, a novel tea ingredient, is rich in flavonoid antioxidants and vitamin C. Rooibos offers an abundance of minerals and electrolytes, while honeybush leaf boosts the immune system thanks to its high levels of antioxidants and vitamins.

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