Emilia Wickstead

Emilia Wickstead launched her eponymous label in 2008 with beautiful one-off creations. Her collections have since been described as the epitome of modern femininity. Discover what's top of Emilia's list when it comes to choosing her 'one thing'.
Image: Edd Horder

The One Thing You Can’t Live Without

My family

The One Thing On Your Bedside Table

Sisley Black Rose oil

The One Thing In Your Fridge

A box of After Eight chocolates

The One Thing You're Reading Now

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

The One Thing You Don’t Leave Home Without

My wallet - with all necessary essentials and notes and photographs by and of my family - so they are always with me

The One Thing You’re Watching Now

The complete box set of Sex and the City

The One Thing You’ll Never Give Up

My husband and children

The One Thing You Will Always Wear

My wedding band and four gold bangles which belonged to my grandmother

The One Thing That Grounds You

• Bare feet, sand and the ocean along with a reality check of how lucky I am

The One Piece Of Advice

"Never, never give up."

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