Beata Heuman

Swedish-born interiors and homeware designer Beata Heuman has a truly unique point of view, putting her name at the top of everyone's list. Debuting on Architectural Digest's AD100 this year her style is fresh and whimsical with a Scandnavian attention to detail. Discover what Beata picks when it comes to choosing her 'one thing'.
Image courtesy of Chris Gloag

The One Piece Of Art You Wish You Owned

Interior With A Violin by Matisse would really take our dining room up a notch.

The One Thing You’ll Always Wear

I wear my Yvonne Léon earring every day. My husband gave it to me. He says that only a certain kind of person will notice what it actually is. It's like passing a test of attentiveness to detail: 'Is it prawn?' 'Yes, it is'. Mostly people just say 'You know you only have one earring?'.

The One Person You’d Love To Have Dinner With

Literally ANYONE at this point. But since I can have my pick I will say Greta Gerwig.


Image: Interior With A Violin by Henri Matisse

The One Place You’ll Keep Going Back To

We walk to Chiswick park every weekend and we stand in front of what I recently learnt is a William Kent waterfall. It is very life affirming. I saw a little turtle swimming in the lake once too so I always look out for him, but alas only one spotting so far.

The One Film

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The One Thing You’re Reading

I'm writing a book about my work at the moment so I'm reading lots on interior design and architecture for inspiration. Not what most would call a page-turner but I loved 'Josef Frank - Against Design'.

The One Thing You Can’t Live Without

Other than my children... pasta with tomato sauce.


Image: Wes Anderson's 'Grand Budapest Hotel'

The One Restaurant You Can’t Wait To Go To

I dream of The River Café down the road from where we live.

The One Thing In Your Fridge


The One Piece Of Advice

Marry the gayest straight man you can find, said to me by my friend Colette van den Thillart.

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