Anya Hindmarch

Handbags brought her fame, but Hindmarch’s vision extends way beyond her witty totes. From interactive art installations to “Anya’s Village” in London (with its cafe and parade of flagship shops) she conjures a world of creativity – and everyone’s invited!

The One Book

I am obsessed with A Dictionary Of Color Combinations, a book I pour over whenever I have time. Sanzo Wada (1883-1967) was an artist, teacher, and a designer of costumes and kimonos during a turbulent time in avant-garde Japanese art and cinema. Wada helped lay the foundations for contemporary colour research. Based on his original six-volume work from the 1930s, this book offers 348 colour combinations that are unusual and yet perfect.

The One Thing In Your Wardrobe

A Claire Waight Keller-era Chloé velvet tuxedo tracksuit which is the gift that keeps on giving and is always worn with my Crisp Packet Clutch.

The One Thing You Fly With

My Short-Haul Suitcase with the In-Flight Travel Bag on top, which keeps me organised and reminds me what to pack as each pocket is labelled.

The One Hotel

I haven’t been but I am desperate to go to the Adrère Amellal Eco-Lodge in Siwa Oasis, Egypt.

Image: Adrère Amellal Eco-Lodge in Siwa Oasis, Egypt
Image: Adrère Amellal Eco-Lodge in Siwa Oasis, Egypt

The One Painting

It is not strictly a painting, but it is an embroidery by Richard Saja which matches one I already have. I WISH I had bought it to go on the opposite wall.

The One Thing On Your Bedside Table

My diary which I write each night.

Image: Richard Saja embroidery detail
Image: Richard Saja embroidery detail

The One Film

Not a film but Slow Horses any day…

The One Song

Anything by Paolo Conte.

The One Thing In Your Fridge

Good butter with rock salt in it and Cacklebean eggs.

The One Thing That Keeps You Grounded

Escaping to North Wiltshire at the weekend or whenever I can.

The One Place You Want To Visit

There are so many… the sunken churches of Lalibela, the Yemeni island of Socotra (but perhaps not now), and Persepolis in Iran (but also perhaps not now).