Created in partnership with Ralph Lauren

A Love Story

Few fashion icons deserve the accolade “America’s designer” more aptly than Ralph Lauren. Little wonder we are still losing our hearts to the man and his brand...

Photography: Lara Angelil

Fashion: Lucinda Chambers

Art Direction: Pete Hellyer

Hair: Nao Kawakami

Makeup: Kristina Ralph Andrews

Model: Lydia Ezenwa


To paraphrase the sonnet: how do we love Ralph Lauren, let us count the ways... The tick-list of seminal ideas introduced by this virtuoso designer is nothing if not remarkable. From the denim-clad cowgirl to the power-suited East Coast exec and the fairytale Hollywood princess, Lauren has given Americana a global reach – and that’s before we even touch on his interiors influence, be it the plaids and buffed leather of Ivy League institutions, or the folk blankets, boulders and beams of classic ranch style.

But this love letter to Lauren is no fashion eulogy. More than 50 years after launching, the brand is still capturing the zeitgeist, as our shoot reveals. Blending the relaxed glamour of today’s cutting-edge, with the timelessness and quality that elevates exceptional design, AW20’s collection boasts buy now, wear forever pieces. And who better to explain this ongoing appeal than the man himself: “For me,” explains Ralph Lauren, “it was never about fashion; it was about enduring style.” Mission accomplished.

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