Created in partnership with Ralph Lauren

Identity Parade

Each of us has our own sartorial signatures; those stylistic markers that speak to the “who, what and why” that makes us unique. Now, with its ID collection, Polo Ralph Lauren conjures exquisite new pieces that capture today’s multifaceted modern spirit. Carrying your ID never looked so chic.

Photography: Masha Mel

Styling: Maya Zepinic

Art Direction: Pete Hellyer


The Markers of Modern Style

A perfectly painted scarlet lip; jeans in that precise shade of soft indigo; pristine sneakers in pure white leather… Your sartorial signature is as impactful as any identity card. It speaks to your personality, your style and your status, instantly communicating the visual traits that make you unique.

This powerful form of messaging serves as the inspiration behind Polo Ralph Lauren ID – a collection centred around four stylish handbags. From saddlery silhouettes and gleaming Italian leather to brass ‘bridle’ hardware, the designs capture all the history and beauty of equestrianism. It’s a visual heritage that lies at the very heart of Polo Ralph Lauren: central to its identity; instantly and recognisably chic.

And yet just as every woman boasts a blend of qualities – those stylish signifiers that form our fashion personalities – so these designs reflect both the untamed beauty of wild horses and polished perfection of the equestrienne herself. Adventurous yet elegant, contemporary yet timeless, carefree yet considered: these are the intriguing elements unique to your Ralph Lauren ID. Carry it with you always.

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000010400003 CROP
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000010380010 (1)
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RL 14 Cropped
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