Autumn's Event Dressing

Glam Rocks

It’s not always easy to love autumn, with the cold grey mornings and disappearing daylight… But, oh, the thrill of going out-out again! It’s time to shimmy into towering heels, scene-stealing sequins or a frothy wisp of a frock, and raise a glass to the champagne fizz of fall glamour!
Image: Jens Ingvarsson/The Licensing Project

The Art-World Affair

For those in search of subtle glamour, it isn’t the silhouette but the sumptuous detail that counts. This silk duo, artfully embellished with abstract embroidery, is picture perfect. Sculptural boots and chic crystals complete the sartorial masterpiece.

The Envy-Inducing Event

It’s the first big gathering of the season and you want to make an entrance. Go high on length and high on drama with this chic cloud-burst of tulle. Puffed shoulders and a puffball skirt; frills, baubles, golden polka-dots and a gilt corsage deliver full-tilt fabulosity.

The Dinner A Deux

There’s an old-school allure to this ensemble. A shimmering pencil skirt puts a swing in your stride, while a silken bodice reveals unadorned shoulders as the ultimate erogenous zone. Knife-point heels drive home the overtly sexy mood.

The Dance-Allnighter

Short, sleek and shimmering are your wardrobe watchwords here. A high neckline and long sleeves serve as a chic counterpoint to an ultra-mini length, while accessories are party-ready yet pared-back, ensuring all the attention is on your block-rocking moves.

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