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Way Out Wes

Inspired by filmmaker Wes Anderson’s distinctively quirky vision, Wally Koval documents weird and wonderful destinations in his book and blog, ‘Accidentally Wes Anderson’. Here he shares his top ten Anderson-esque escapes…

Image: @colerwhitworth

Washington State Ferries

When it comes to ‘modes of transportation’, we will take any ferry even if it takes us off the beaten path. The story of the Washington State Ferries in particular is one of our favorites – complete strangers foregoing their phones to affix a puzzle piece or two (pictured above) before hopping off at their next stop? That is one of the best instances of community in the wild.

Hotel Belvedere

This (now abandoned) hotel holds a special place in our hearts. It was the first location we ever posted on Instagram and went on to become the cover of our book. Maybe we can rally the AWA Community to save this incredible landmark. New AWA HQ perhaps?


Hands down, the most surreal location featured in the book. This Namibian desert setting was once a wealthy diamond-mining town; now, after being abandoned, it’s being spectacularly reclaimed by nature. A place you truly have to see to believe – and one day we hope to do so.


Image: Hotel Belvedere @carlokuettel

147-kolmanskop-nambia-doors-sand-@alina rudya

Image: Kolmanskop @alina_rudya

Palace of the Winds

The people, the culture, the food – India was one of the most magical trips we ever experienced, and well before we saw things through the AWA lens. We were unable to make it to Jaipur on that first jaunt, but the Palace of the Winds will be at the top of the list upon our return.

Rorbu Cabin

The Lofoton archipelago in Norway has enticed us for a many years and many reasons. We’re not sure if the puppy will be there when we arrive, but we like to pretend he will be.

The Niesenbahn

We are a bit of an oxymoron – afraid of heights, but gripped by a desire to climb to the top of something (everything?) in each city/country we visit. While it may be tough, we would do our best to allay our fears in Bern and hop aboard the first train to the top.


Image: Palace of the Winds @bellpell83


Image: Port Lockroy, Antartica @mariavanonen

Valley of the Kings

I’ve long been fascinated by all things Egyptian. It’s always the first section I hit in any museum and can get lost in it. To go there and be immersed in its history would be a dream come true.

Leigh, New Zealand

The quote from the local paper – the ‘Leigh Rag’ – really sold us: “You could come for a day, but you’ll be back, so why not book longer.” So that is what we plan to do.


Image: Leigh, New Zealand @petraleary


Image: Flam Railway @maudepiper

Flam Railway

Tickets please! This train line is known for many things, including its incredible scenery. Many passengers spend much of the day riding back & forth admiring the views – and we would expect to be in the same boat.

Port Lockroy, Antartica

Though it may reside at the bottom of the globe, Antarctica is at the tippy top of our bucket list. And while we are not the biggest fans of the cold, we would brave brutal temperatures to send a postcard from Port Lockroy.

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