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Violet Dent

Vintage prints and sugared-almond shades are in Violet’s blood; the designer and creative consultant began her career at the family firm, Cabbages & Roses (the brand that put the chic into chintz). Now Violet shares her distinctive aesthetic with Collagerie in this sweetly quirky curation.


A note from Violet

“I love decoration. I always have. As a child I loved decorating my room, my diary, my jewellery box, my bike, my clothes… I even went as far as painting my bedroom light switch in multicoloured nail varnish! Not much has changed. My home is constantly being redecorated – not in the sense that I repaint the walls or make huge changes, but I rearrange things almost daily. I love how simply rejigging a shelf instantly makes me feel productive and uplifted. I have a lot of ‘stuff’, but everything I surround myself with brings me joy. I don’t keep things I won’t use and, no matter how practical something may be, it also needs to look nice.

We have limited space in our flat and most of the walls and surfaces are covered in objects and art that have been collected over the years. I find it virtually impossible to walk past any antique/charity/vintage shop without popping in to see what they might have that I desperately need! To me, a home is never finished and that is what I find so exciting about interiors. I love the way spaces evolve and become layered over time, that the ‘decoration’ part is never finished and that anything and everything can be decorative. A dressing-gown on the back of the door, a hat, a notebook, your choice of olive oil… Each individual piece becomes part of the picture and thus everything becomes special.”

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