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The Hackney Gardener

If fashion and lifestyle are a partnership made in heaven, then Stina Hasan is the goddess of all she surveys. A designer by day, her true passion is her exquisite East London garden, which she unveils online @Thehackneygardener. We asked the green-fingered fashionista to share a few of her favourite things…
Image: The Hackney Gardener

A Note From Stina

"The outdoor season is nearly here and I'm so ready! Dreaming of warm morning walks in the garden with a cup of tea in my favourite mug. I don't really separate between indoor and outdoor things and always wear my normal clothes when I'm in the garden, except if I'm doing particularly muddy jobs. Vases, candles and blankets also come outside with me. I think of the garden as another room of the house so it makes sense to bring my favourite things with me as I spend a lot of time there."


Image: The Hackney Gardener

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