Life & Style

Faye Toogood

A polymath of modern design, Faye Toogood’s talents range from sculpture to interiors, fashion and furniture design. Here the stylish multi-tasker shares the intriguing finds she’d pick for her fantasy shelf…


A Note From Faye

“My shelves have always been places where I enjoy displaying objects – a mix of precious and found, natural and handmade – be it a vase, a glass, a fossil or a pine cone. Collecting and curating is something I have done from an early age and the pieces on my shelves are constantly shifting and changing with new finds. My choices here reflect an enthusiasm for my new garden, life with young daughters, a love of the handmade and rare, and my anticipation for summer and the colour it brings into my home… all topped off with a spot of day-dreaming for a precious sapphire ring!”

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