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Matt Gibberd

An interiors journalist turned contemporary property guru, Gibberd co-founded The Modern House, rewriting the rulebook on the sale of modernist premises. He followed that with Inigo, for those in search of an historic property. Married to celebrated creative Faye Toogood, Matt lives and breathes design, so we were fascinated to find out what makes it into his home…
Image: Vivek Vadoliya

A Note From Matt

“When I was a boy, I often accompanied my mum to the supermarket to ‘help’ with the weekly shop (i.e. decant choc ices into the trolley while she wasn’t looking). On one occasion, I needed a new toothbrush, and we spent several minutes in the toiletries aisle assessing the colour, material and ergonomics of each model. This experience really stuck with me. William Morris famously said, ‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful,’ and I couldn’t agree more.”

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