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Luke Edward Hall

Artist, designer and Financial Times contributor, Luke, is well known for his playful taste. Discover his tips and tricks for keeping yourself occupied.

Image: Olivia Thompson


Darsham Nurseries Seeds

My partner Duncan and I are spending a great deal of time working on our garden: we (half) moved to the Gloucestershire countryside last June and it’ll be our first spring here. We’ve become addicted to buying packets of seeds online. I love the look of these ones from Darsham Nurseries in Suffolk – we stopped off here for lunch on our way back from a party in Norfolk earlier this year and were captivated by the place.

Hogla Dog Basket

We’ve been umming and ahing about getting a dog for months. We finally took the plunge last week and reserved a whippet puppy (a friend of a friend’s beautiful whippet recently gave birth). If all goes to plan little Merlin should be able to come home in five or six weeks...

Cheese & Diary: River Cottage Handbook

Duncan has taken strongly to the idea of making sourdough bread over the past week or so; his starter is now looking pretty good. I’ve decided that I’m going to be in charge of dairy. First on my list of potential cheeses to make is ricotta. I love the stuff, particularly on toast with smashed broad beans and mint.

Owl Bureau

Chandelier Creative’s beautiful Owl Bureau in Los Angeles (designed in collaboration with Studio KO) is one of my favourite bookshops. Fortunately, the Owl team recently set up an online shop with international delivery. I suggest spending a morning browsing their excellent selection of rare books on all manner of topics from flower arranging to Hollywood cinema set design.

The Folklore of The Cotswolds

Our home in the country is very near to the Rollright Stones, a complex of three Neolithic and Bronze Age megalithic monuments. There is plenty of folklore attached to the stones that I find fascinating, so I’m spending my evenings brushing up on local stories of myth and magic.

Abbey Home Farm Eggs

The Organic Farm Shop near Cirencester is our favourite place to buy provisions, in particular the fruit and vegetables, milk, cheese, yoghurt and butter produced on site at Abbey Home Farm. The farm and shop are currently closed to visitors. Instead the shop is offering a click and collect service – you order online and they email you back with a time to collect. You can even add flowers grown on the farm to your virtual basket.

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