Life & Style

Louise Olsen

Between her namesake jewellery brand, her lifestyle label Dinosaur Designs and her vibrant abstract art, Louise Olsen is the ultimate creative whirlwind. These are the buys that have caught her innovative eye…

A Note From Louise

I love to explore and play around with the shelves in my studio and home, changing them around as my inspiration evolves and changes. It's a moveable palette that I can experiment with as I develop collections; an ever-changing collection of books, sculpture, vases, bowls and unearthed treasures. Every piece has a story, be it objects by my husband, Stephen Ormandy, designs we have created for Dinosaur Designs, small sculptures from exhibitions we have held, pieces we have collected by artists we come across, objects our daughter Camille has made as she has grown and items from our travels, family and friends.

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