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Leandra Medine

Leandra Medine is the founder and CEO of Man Repeller. Launched in 2010 as a humorous site for serious fashion. Amongst collaborating with a wide spectrum of brands Leandra is a best-selling author and has been recognized in Business of Fashion's "BOF500" as well as numerous other business acolades. Other than her twin daughters, discover what's keeping Leandra busy whilst 'staying home'.


A Strategy for Living, which is a random little yellow booklet that I found when I was packing my bookshelves a week before quarantine started (I was supposed to move two weeks ago. Ha.)

Keeping Busy

A lot of writing, recording, some filming -- which gets turned into videos as part of a series to hopefully bring a sliver of haha to an onlooker's day. I've been FaceTiming with my mom ad nauseam too. I miss my friends.  Also - getting dressed, if only momentarily. It helps to remember what I like to do.

Listening To

I've listened to two podcast episodes. The first was this conversation between Glennon Moyle and Brene Brown. It rocked me to my core. This one was really, really good too.


Whatever under 30-minute recipes that don't require lofty ingredients I could find. Some of them are documented here.  Another two here and here. I also pulled a ridiculous grain-free biscuit recipe out of my ass last week, which employed the left over batter from the fish sticks I was baking (a combination of almond flour, mustard, salt, pepper, sesame seeds and eggs), to which I added baking powder and some pumpkin seeds, eyyyyyy vwala.


"Unorthodox", which is hitting very close to home as an observant Jewish person who is curious enough to challenge any previously-held beliefs at the drop of a compelling argument.

Shopping For

Groceries, but that is pretty much it.  I have developed a "buy when it's safe" folder, pending my actually having any money left, and so far here is what's in there:

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