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Land Girl

Baltimore-born and London-based, Butter Wakefield maybe a city girl, but this sought-after garden designer has a beautifully rural aesthetic, transforming even urban outdoor spaces into flower-filled “countryside” havens. Who better to help us grow?

A Note From Butter Wakefield

As summer finally arrives, with sunny days encouraging us to head outside and host fellow horticulturalists, ensure your garden is in its prime with Butter’s top 10 tips for cultivating a green and pleasant land.

  1. Feed your lawn with Neudorff Organic CleanLawn, and cut weekly.
  2. Pressure-wash your terrace, ready for padding around barefoot.
  3. Be patient, your plants will emerge, but on finding any gaps, add some colourful, pollinator-friendly perennials to your borders and pots. Keep bare earth to a minimum; good ground cover for shade is Soleirolia soleirolii, and for sunny spots, Thymus coccineus.
  4. Wash all your outdoor cushion covers and refresh your furniture with a wash or an oil if needed.
  5. Check your bird feeders are clean and filled with fresh food for nesting birds and their fledglings.
  1. Clean out and refresh water features regularly.
  2. Feed your plants with Organic Neudorff Multipurpose Plant Food every couple of weeks, and Neudorff Organic Rose Feed.
  3. Water as needed on dry days – it will help your garden flourish.
  4. Deadhead spent flowers back to a pair of buds, to encourage new blooms.
  5. Stake tall wayward perennials.