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Flora Soames

A lifelong passion for furniture and fabrics has found design consultant Flora Soames renovating properties worldwide with her trademark medley of old and new. Now at the pinnacle of her profession, Flora shares the details that capture her discerning eye.

A Note From Flora

“My approach to my own home and those of my clients is very much one of ‘more is always more’. For me, it’s all about how a room makes you feel – and the secret lies in what matters to you most. As my book The One Day Box shows, it’s about the layering of colours and textures, the bringing together of the unexpected, the mix of old and new, and the all-important things we gather over time that serve as a connection to our past and a passage to our future. Finding a way to include these pieces in your home in a manner that sparks joy is a deeply satisfying form of self-expression – and it’s an approach I apply as much to my wardrobe as I do to my house. In both cases, I think eclecticism, a dash of tailoring and plenty of personality go hand in hand brilliantly.”