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David Gandy

As renowned for his sculpted pecs as his chiseled jawline, David Gandy is the foremost male model of his generation. Adding entrepreneur to his resumé, with an eponymous fashion and lifestyle brand, he’s also dad to two daughters. Who better to share the ultimate Father’s Day gift list…

A Note From David

“I am a traditionalist at heart, favouring classic design with a modern twist, and my style has always been timeless. I don’t follow trends and have always advocated buying fewer things that will last for years to come – something I learnt from my father and grandfather. This is the ethos of my fashion and lifestyle brand, David Gandy Wellwear, which offers stylish wardrobe essentials that champion quality, fit and comfort. As the father of two daughters, practicality has become my go-to shopping requirement; effortlessness (and pockets!) are of the essence. Me and the girls spend a huge amount of time outside, playing and walking our dog Dora, so anything that keeps us entertained is great. And provided I’m not travelling for work, I always try to get home in time to read them a bedtime story. At weekends, I’m the family cook – I’m at my most relaxed when entertaining – so I’m always on the look-out for clever new equipment and gadgets.”