Indigo pineapple ceramic lamp base


Shipped by Penny Morrison

Handmade from the finest porcelain ceramic and glazed In a selection of vibrant colours, our Pineapple lamp bases are an Incredible example of exquisite craftsmanship; of skill passed down through family generations. Our Pineapple Ceramic Lamp Bases make for a spectacular statement piece.

They worked collaboratively with highly skilled Italian ceramicists, whose techniques have been passed down through generations, to produce this eye-catching design that is at the core of our Ethnic Collection. These lamp bases exude the eclectic and diverse cultural inspirations that have been gathered by Penny during her years of global travel. Many hours of love and hard work have been poured into these special lamp bases.

Height of ceramic base: approx. 40cm (16").

Height including lamp holder: Approx. 50cm (20").

Width: approx. 22cm.

Handmade Porcelain.

Shade size: 16"  Shade carrier (UK shades): 5" Harp size (US shades): 7".

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