Operations Director

This role will provide senior leadership within the Collagerie team. This includes ensuring productive operations at HQ - helping to connect the dots between functions, maintaining and enhancing the company culture, identifying and resolving internal operational issues and helping to grow the team intelligently and strategically. As Collagerie is a young, nimble and growing company, we expect the candidate to be able to flex to meet immediate needs, and expect the role to evolve as the team and business grow.

Accountable to the CEO and responsible for:

• Responsible for implementing the operational growth plan for the brand across business verticals that include marketplace, affiliate and partnerships etc.

• Liaise across founders, finance and functions to set and track KPIs, support the preparation of company presentations and reports and ensure all administrative needs are being met

• Provide daily oversight of the workflows and operations of the company, ensuring that issues are being resolved and deadlines are being met

• Adjusting and evolving the systems, communications, and structures so that Collagerie can achieve goals and targets

• Work with founders and heads of work areas to agree strategic priorities, ensure the teams are structured with the right people and skills, and maintain a positive and productive company culture

• Implement new processes and standards, as needed

• Manage all contracts, consultants and administrative personnel and function including HR, Legal and Operations

• Ensure compliance with local and international laws (e.g. data protection), working with external counsel

• Provide commercial support, advice and guidance to the founders and executive team

• Coordinate customer service operations and find ways to ensure customer retention

• Support further expansion in new locations, with US to start

• Responsible for signing off departmental budgets

• Make high-quality investing decisions to advance the business and increase profits

• Build trusted relations with key partners and stakeholders

Ideal knowledge & experience:

• Proven experience at senior operational level

• Solid experience within the e-commerce sector

• Appreciation and demonstrable experience of scaling up an online SME as well as experience within a larger retailer

• Proven experience managing a team

• Experience in developing profitable strategies and implementing vision, particularly on the digital/online side

This is a leadership role within the company and we are looking for someone to come into our West London offices at least four days a week.

To apply for the position please send a cover letter and CV to: Collagerie Careers