Super-Luxe Skincare

Precious Treasure

Is there anything as prized as beautiful skin? The experts at Clarins are in no doubt as to its inestimable value, as their new range reveals. From golden flaçons to luxe formulas embracing age-defying technology, this sublime skincare is truly Precious.
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The Secret To Youthful Skin

The mythical elixir of youth has been sought since time immemorial – proof, if it were needed, of our unending desire to retain that ageless glow. And while Clarins wouldn’t presume to have discovered the answer to eternal life, they can certainly lay claim to harnessing the skin’s own age-delaying process with their Precious skincare ritual. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the secret lies with Mother Nature herself, or more precisely, with the moonlight flower. Blooming just one night a year, this extraordinary plant contains a powerful youth-promoting active.

Using cryo-extraction technology, Clarins immediately freezes each picked bloom at -196ºC and procures its essence. The resulting concentrate has the ability to reactivate the skin’s own longevity protein – FOXO – an extraordinary ingredient with the power to restore vitality from within. Combined with other plant-based actives, Moonlight Flower Cryo-extract works to neutralise the effects of time, reinforcing the skin's natural defences and reawakening its inner youthfulness. Exclusive to John Lewis, the resulting range delivers hydrated, radiant, younger-looking skin. And what could be more Precious than that?

Clarins Precious La Lotion Age Defying Treatment Essence
“This exquisite beauty elixir is pure heaven for skin from head to toe. The lightweight yet deeply moisturising lotion combines plant actives, peptides and Clarins’ unique Moonlight Flower Cryo-extract to smooth, plump and firm within just seven days. Thirsty, post-summer skin positively drinks it in.”

Clarins Precious La Crème Age Defying Moisturiser
“This sumptuous cream has a surprisingly fine texture that melts into the skin, hydrating, revitalising and replenishing without leaving a greasy residue. Proven to combat environmental stressors and inflammation, you’ll find your complexion looking more radiant after just one week’s use, prompting friends to ask for the secret to your new-found glow!”

Clarins Precious La Crème Age Defying Eye Cream
“We all know how fragile the eye area is, and the importance of paying extra attention to this delicate skin. This cream may be lightweight and soothing, but it boasts a powerhouse of plant extracts and peptides. Aided by its cooling metal applicator, it swiftly reduces puffiness and fine lines, while replenishing and firming the skin.”

Clarins Precious L’Outil 3-In-1 Facial Massage Tool
“Delivering an extra touch of glamour to your dressing table, this gleaming facial tool is moulded to fit the contours of your face. One side relaxes muscles and releases tension, the other side provides the drainage and sculpting benefits of a traditional Chinese Gua Sha facial massage, while the tip targets pressure points. It feels heavenly to set aside me-time and soothe skin with this self-care tool, and your complexion will positively glow afterwards.”