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Here at Collagerie, our online edits have always spoken the international language of style, delighting in the global reach of great design. Now, Collagerie X Marbella Club sees our chic curations brought to life in Spain’s most beautiful hotel. We’re taking our caravan of cool overseas. Welcome aboard…

All Images: Hospitality Builders/Marbella Club

About the Marbella Club Hotel

Nowhere lures the international elite like Marbella, and if this celebrated Spanish town is the jet set’s kingdom, then the Marbella Club is its palace. The beachfront paradise has long been synonymous with style and celebrity, but besides its exquisite rooms, mouthwatering cuisine and breathtaking location, there’s a unique and magical spirit that sets this extraordinary hotel apart.

Enter this gem of a place and you’re instantly transported to an exquisite Andalusian village, where bougainvillea-lined walkways weave from one picturesque patio to the next. You’ll find simple yet sumptuous suites decked with globally sourced furnishings, while bespoke details by local craftsmen speak to the hotel’s artisanal vision. The feeling is one of otherworldly beauty – timeless, exotic and utterly enchanting.

Its “perfectly imperfect” aesthetic is what gives the Marbella Club its magic, and it’s exactly this kaleidoscope charm that makes it the ideal destination for Collagerie’s very first pop-up store, transporting our chic and quirky curations to Marbella’s sun-drenched shores.

Offering a jewel-box blend of fashion and lifestyle treasures that changes every few weeks, Collagerie’s rich sartorial stories will weave their way through summer at El Patio, the hotel’s onsite boutique. A peep through the store’s flower-decked windows (with lush, tropical flora by artist Liv Lee) hints at the chic treats within; step through the doors and you’ll find yourself beguiled by lemony, sun-dappled delights one moment, browsing a glamorous global souk the next, and seduced by sybaritic style in the weeks that follow.

So set your compass for Spain and discover a pop-up like no other - Collagerie X Marbella Club: summer’s magical style mecca.

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